Height Safety Certification

For height safety equipment to remain compliant, it must be inspected, tested and tagged regularly to ensure stability is maintained.

tredRITE Height Safety have a scheduled fall arrest system maintenance program that ensures regular inspection and compliance. We will deliver all documentation to you within 76 hours of completion of the Audit.

To comply with current Australian Standards [AS/NZS 1891.4.2009], certification is required for the following:

  • Fall arrest and fall restraint systems [this includes anchor points and static lines]: Inspection is required every 12 months.
  • Rope access systems: Inspection is required every 12 months.
  • PFPE [Personal Fall Protection Equipment]: This includes equipment such as harnesses, ropes, lanyards and slings. Inspection is required every 6 months.
  • Type 2 & 3 fall arrest devices: These devices are also known as inertia reels or SRL's [self-retracting lifelines]. These require testing every 3 months and servicing every 12 months.
  • Fixed ladders: Fixed ladders require inspection every 12 months.
  • Walkways & Guardrails: These require inspection and servicing every 5 years, however inspecting them annually for wear and tear in high traffic areas is highly recommended.

In addition to this, any equipment or systems that have been used to arrest a fall must be inspected and tested before use again.

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