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The Ultimate Standard Of Height Safety

We are industry leaders and innovators. We create systems that provide you with complete confidence and assurance. Our unique approach allows your team to focus more effectively on their jobs by reducing risk. Each and every day we are committed to protecting lives.

Allow us to help you create a safe environment on your roof. Our highly skilled technicians, height safety engineers and installers are ready to provide you with a customised and tailored solution.

Highest quality components that are designed and tested to comply with AS/NZS 5532.2013. Premium-quality installations that are crafted using meticulous processes to provide the highest standard of safety and assurance.

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New Construction + Existing Buildings

Whether you need a height safety system designed for a new commercial facility in the bustling Suburbs of Greater Sydney or need certification for your height safety assets on a strata-titled property, at tredRITE we are ready to assist.

Professionally engineered height safety solutions. Site-specific solutions that are designed to offer the maximum level of safety and compliance. Ease-of-use is key to a successful height safety installation. Our team is passionate about designing and installing fall protection systems that your staff will be willing and eager to use.

On Time & On Budget

We have a passion for creating cost-effective roof access safety systems. Although we invest heavily in the very best training, equipment and staff, we design streamlined services that allow us to pass the savings onto you.

As a small business, we are invested in the quality and outcome of every job.

We endeavour to provide competitive pricing, but never at the expense of your satisfaction. Our efficiency means a more competitive price for the best possible results.

Save time, money and frustration by engaging us to handle every facet of your roof safety. We get the job done right the first time.

Our Core Values = Integrity, Diligence & Responsibility.

These core values shape the culture and define the character of our company. We genuinely appreciate the importance of your safety and creating an environment that minimises risk.

Working At Height Association Affiliate Member – Along with WAHA, we are committed to raising the standard of height safety. This means you are working with a company that is governed by a body that demands the highest standards from its members.

To book an appointment, contact our client representative today on 1300 893 230.

We are committed to providing you and your staff with a safe working environment at height. Our methods, components and certification techniques all surpass Australian Standards because we are passionate not just about providing you with a fall arrest system that is compliant, we are committed to your safety.

Height Safety

Where Do We Service In Greater Sydney?

We are your local height safety specialists. Our service range includes both the Greater Sydney region and surrounding suburbs.

Newtown, Blackheath, Katoomba, Richmond, Windsor, Gosford, Wollongong, Hornsby, Bondi Beach, Manly Beach, Palm Beach, Chatswood, Parramatta and Cronulla.

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We have the expertise and experience you can rely on.

Why Choose tredRITE?

  • Locally owned and operated

  • Streamlined processes and responses

  • Complete range of height safety services

  • Friendly and professional service

  • Industry-leading reputation

  • Competitive rates

Streamlined Services

Our customers appreciate our streamlined approach. Without compromising on the quality of service or workmanship, we will provide you with a safe working environment in record time. Proactive staff members put you as their #1 priority.

Simplified Height Safety

Are you overwhelmed by safety legislation and regulations? We simplify height safety so you are in full control of the process. Understand your requirements and the best possible options for your unique property and budget.

Extensive Experience

Over 10 years of height safety perfection!

With experience in all industry sectors, we can provide tailored height safety solutions that surpass even the highest expectations. With a wide client base of government, commercial, residential, strata and industrial properties throughout the Greater Sydney region, we offer complete height safety solutions. With a background in building and architectural design fields, our chief engineer specialises in structural design. Combined with our systems designed, project manager and business manager we can handle projects of any scale.

One Stop Height Safety Shop

From auditing and design through to installation and certification, we provide a comprehensive range of height safety solutions. Our unique point of difference is our highly-skilled and experienced team members that continue to innovate with low-maintenance fall protection systems.

Save time, money and hassle by engaging our team to handle every aspect of your height safety. Call today on 1300 893 230 and experience the tredRITE difference.

tredRITE Height Safety installs anchor points, static lines, track systems and rope access systems to AS/NZS 1891.2009 and 4488.1997. We only specify and install single anchorage points that are designed and tested to AS/NZS 5532.2013.

tredRITE Height Safety also specialises in the installation of walkways and handrails and comply with AS/NZS 1657.2013. This is a newly updated Standard and complying with this means we are on top of our game, which means you're getting the latest and the best!