Design – Personal Protection Equipment

When all other avenues of controlling risks in a working-at-height situation are exhausted, a "PPE" (Personal Protection Equipment) solution is required.

tredRITE Height Safety Specialists will specify a design that utilises a fall restraint and fall arrest system. This means your worker or contractor will be in restraint at all times whilst working at height, ensuring there is NO risk of a fall. This is achieved by using a track line system in conjunction with an anchor point system.

At tredRITE we strive to maintain a high level of design principle in accordance with Australian legislative requirements WHS 2011 and Standards AS/NZS 1891.4.2009. This means you will only be provided with the most effective solution.

All components specified and installed by tredRITE are Engineered and rigorously tested for compliance to Standards AS/NZS 5532.2013 & 1891.2009. We only work with the best materials because we take safety seriously.

Contact us if you require a fall arrest system.