Height Safety Design

At tredRITE Height Safety Specialists, we design all fall arrest systems using the national design principles of the "Hierarchy of Risk Controls".

These controls are used in the analysis stages prior to carrying out any works. A "Risk Analysis" will have been drafted by your onsite manager to determine what risks are apparent and how these can be controlled. Or if required, tredRITE can provide the height safety "Risk Analysis" for you.

The diagram on the left shows the levels of risk controls beginning with "Elimination" as the safest way to control a risk of falling from height.

Elimination of a risk in a working-at-height situation translates into performing a task from the ground, thereby "Eliminating" potential falls and consequential damage to the structure. So in this case, our work is done and there is no need for a height safety or fall protection system.

However, if any of the following controls are established as being necessary, then a tredRITE Height Safety Specialist Engineer will gladly liaise with your onsite safety manager to evaluate and determine the safest and most cost effective solution to meet your long-term height safety needs.

The following pages discuss the various risk controls and design solutions tredRITE provide in height safety requirements and fall protection systems.

2. Isolation;

3. Engineering (includes fall arrest systems);

4. PPE (Personal Protection Equipment);

5. Administrative controls.

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