Design – Engineering

When it comes to "Engineering" a safe working environment in a working-at-height application, tredRITE Height Safety Specialists employ a certified Structural Engineer specialising in height related design principles.

We will assess the work area and propose a solution that meets your site specific needs. The evaluation takes into consideration static and dynamic loads that even you may not have considered, thereby ensuring not only a compliant solution but also one that will meet your requirements for years to come.

The solution may also extend to include a rope access system specifically designed for the site and job requirements. Rope access allows for a variety of work applications and is not limited by building facade design. There is minimal visual impact to the building facade when incorporating rope access solutions into an "engineered" system.

By using tredRITE Height Safety Specialists, you are employing experience. This means we will ask the right questions. We will then determine the possible future applications the system may need to adapt to, and finally propose a permanent solution that will meet your long term requirements.

It's worth getting it right the first time around! Contact us to discuss your site requirements.